REALITY SHOW THE RAP OF CHINA (Season 2, Los Angeles Special Episode)

Rap of China is a Chinese rap reality show produced by IQiyi. The show has four celebrity producers whose job is to train and guide the rappers participating in the competition. The producers are Chinese-Canadian singer-songwriter Kris Wu, Taiwanese rapper MC Jin and American rapper Migos

Associate Producer


Feature Film Beneath The Banyan Tree

After a sad incident, a traditional Chinese mother moved with the children of her son, to live with her daughter, who is living in Los Angeles. Three generations each with complicated personal struggles living under the same roof in a total foreign culture. A heart-warming family story filled with dreams, love, and self realization.




Chinese big budget TV series "Homeward Bound" aka "The Way We Were".

A 34-episode TV series shot in Los Angeles with Chinese number one TV director Jiang Liu, the most popular actress Tiffany Tang and Jin Luo.


Assistant to Producer

Short film Signals


In a war torn country, Will loses his wife and daughter in an air strike. In an attempt at redemption he builds a hacking device and tries to join forces with the government  


Associate Producer   

Short film The Cashier

Jesus works as a cashier in a 24hour convenience store, and tries to teach a well-experienced robber and a coldhearted police officer a lesson.


Director & Producer                                          

Full Sail University thesis film Magic Mouse

A lowly office employee has the opportunity to get back at his boss after he receives a magic mouse which can manipulate the world around him.



A man realizes he is able to stop time during the crunch time of his final exam.